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A Very Troma Christmas: A True Holiday Treat!

by Paul Aloisio

Troma Christmas? Why not!

I can’t exactly tell you why, but I suddenly feel that Troma and Christmas seems like a perfect pairing. I haven’t always thought this; I’m not one to say “I thought of it first!” or to be one of THOSE people.

Yet when a an animated video for A Very Troma Christmas appeared last year, suddenly something just clicked and it all made sense.

Maybe it’s the understated absurdity of Christmas paired with the outward insanity of everything Troma presents. Whatever the reason, A Very Troma Christmas just seems to be too perfect.

You may be asking yourself why Abe Lincoln and Toxie need to be paired with each other in an animated short. I found myself asking why it hasn’t happened already, however. If you’re like me, then this video is sure to be a holiday treat.

You can watch A Very Troma Christmas below and indulge in a little bit of the bizarre this holiday season. After all, it’s what Toxie would want.

Enjoy this Christmas classic with your family this year and every year going forward. You’re never too old for new traditions!


Gather ’round the Yule Log and grab your family and friends, because the best gifts are worth sharing with your loved ones, and as you know, anything by our Uncle Lloyd falls into that category.

Let us know what you think of the short in the comments, and beyond that, let us know what your favorite animated holiday special is! As for me, there’s always been something strangely creepy about The Grinch.

Surely I can’t be alone on that, can I?

Happy holidays from all of us at iHorror. Yeah, we love blood and guts, but we’re all suckers for some good old holiday cheer as well. Who isn’t?

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