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Trivial Pursuit For Horror Fans is Here!

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Along with the Cabbage Patch Kids craze in the 80’s, Trivial Pursuit was also something toy stores couldn’t keep stocked on their shelves. And now horror fans are getting a piece of the pie with their very own version called Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition Trivia Game which covers an entire century of film.

What initially began as a board game about general knowledge soon branched out into many different areas including Harry Potter and Star Wars special editions.

Now USAopoly gives horror fans a chance to impress others with their pop culture knowledge and wear “nerd” as a badge of honor among their slightly concerned friends.


Developers have updated the look of the game but kept the classic gameplay: roll the dice, answer all the categories and win the game. Here’s a sample question:

“Which of these actors was not in Carrie (1974) — John Travolta, Sissy Spacek, Amy Irving or Julianne Moore?”


The box describes the game as:

The Movie Horror Edition of Trivial Pursuit® allows players to test their knowledge of 100 years of horror including 600 questions relating to psychological thrillers, epic monster films, the paranormal and the goriest and most disturbing cinema of all time. Categories include: Monster, Gore/Disturbing, Psychological, Paranormal, Slasher, International

Trivial Pursuit: Horror Movie Edition Trivia Game can be found at Amazon and other specialty online retailers.

SOURCE: Bloody Disgusting

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