Trick or Treat: Top 10 Movies To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

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With October upon us that can only mean one thing, spooky time has finally begun for all of us horror addicts out there. Soon we will all start seeing ghosts, goblins, and worst of all the dreaded pumpkin spice everything, everywhere we go. But that may not be enough for some people to get into the Halloween spirit, and in that case today we’ll be looking at the top 10 movies to get your Halloween spirit back in its place.

10. The Simpsons: Every Tree house of Horror

Let’s start out a little more lighthearted here with something everyone can enjoy. Every October The Simpsons pumps out a Halloween special taking jabs at just about any Horror classic. From the works of Edgar Allan Poe all the way to the horror classic Poltergeist no movie or piece of work is safe from the Tree house of Horror.

Image Credit: Fox Entertainment, The Simpsons

The Tree house of Horror specials have always been a personal favorite of mine as well as a Halloween tradition. Every year finding time to re-watch a few of the horror parodies that have carved their own special place into my heart.

9. Night of the Demons

Angela’s throwing a party, and its jam packed with sex, booze, and demonic possession now that’s a party. Night of the Demons may look like just another low budget 80’s horror flick, and in a sense, it is, but this entry has the infamous Angela backing it up. While Angela is still human her character is pretty bland and boring, but once the possessions start up demonic Angela brings a twisted pleasure to the party.

Image Credit: Night of the Demons

Angela is the glue that holds this movie together, and her performance as a demon preying on party goers is just the right mix of over the top and 80’s cheese. Hell, even the 2009 remake of the same name is entertaining in it’s own right, it could never hope to hold a candle to the originals level of camp though. Night of the Demons makes for a great Halloween movie best viewed while at a party with friends. Just avoid all suspicious mirrors and you should be fine.

8Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps is not for everyone, that should be addressed now. The plot revolves around two outcast sisters who have an obsession with death and all things macabre, as well as a bond that will keep the two sisters together forever. That is until the local werewolf attacks and nearly kills Ginger, causing her to slowly transform into a monster while her sister Brigitte searches desperately for a cure.

Image Credit: Ginger Snaps

The events of the film may not take place during everyone’s favorite horror centered holiday, Ginger Snaps is still a damn fun time nearly two decades later. If you’re in the mood for an entertaining werewolf flick that isn’t Dog Soldiers or The Howling then give Ginger Snaps and its sequel a shot.

7. House of 1000 Corpses

Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses is another love it or hate it ordeal, after all it is essentially his take at a Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. While not everything in this movie works, it did introduce some of horror’s most memorable characters like Captain Spaulding and the rest of the Firefly Family, and who could forget Doctor Satan.

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House of 1000 Corpses (2003), courtesy Lionsgate.

With a group of friends traveling the country in search of roadside attractions, until they stumble across Captain Spaulding and his unique murder ride. Soon after the group of friends experience a world of madness, where pain is god courtesy of the Firefly’s.

6. The Pumpkin Karver

With a premise equally as ridiculous as the title, The Pumpkin Karver is a great B-movie for Halloween parties when you’re in the mood for a low budget slasher. Following a young artist one year after a prank turns deadly, bodies begin to turn up at a private party, carved like a Jack-o-Lantern. If you’re in the mood for a turn your brain off and watch some cheesy effects type of movie, The Pumpkin Karver has you covered.

Image Credit: The Pumpkin Karver

The plot is nonsensical, the characters are all incredibly stupid when faced with any danger, and the killer is so over the top ridiculous that it inadvertently captures the spirit of an 80’s campy slasher. Lower your expectations going into this one, but human jack-o-lanterns as a premise alone should be enough for you to judge whether or not it’s worth your time.

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