Trent Reznor Calls Working on ‘Bird Box’ Score a Waste of Time

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By now, there’s a good change you’ve seen Bird Box on Netflix. And there’s a good chance you’ve enjoyed it. But Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame, who scored the film, did not have a very good time working on it.

In fact, he went so far as to call the whole experience a waste of time.

In an interview with Revolver recently, he revealed that he believes his work on the score was undervalued. Reznor said:

“When we got immersed in it, it felt like some people were phoning it in … And you’re stuck with a film editor who had real bad taste. That’s kind of our barricade to getting stuff in the film. And the final icing on the shit cake was we were on tour when they mixed it. And they mixed the music so low, you couldn’t hear it anyway. … That was a fucking waste of time. Then we thought, no one’s going to see this fucking movie. And, of course, it’s the hugest movie ever in Netflix.”

Anyone who has deeply immersed themselves in some sort of creative aspect will tell you that the worst feeling is that when the people you are collaborating with or working for just don’t see eye to eye. Trent Reznor, a man of almost mythic talent, has never been one to phone it in.

So when he feels that his work is just not being treated fairly, it’s not surprising that he feels it’s a waste.

And for those who may read into this and hear a famous rock star complaining, the tone I hear is more that his time could have been spent creating something that would have been at least heard instead of mixed to the point of being barely audible. This, I feel, is understandable.

Still, Bird Box is wildly popular, and no one can deny this. Have you seen it? And if so, what do you think about the work that Trent Reznor put into it?

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