‘Tremors’ Receiving the Documentary Treatment

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We aren’t far off from the seventh Tremors film in the franchise. That right y’all, thirty years after the first film, Tremors: Island Fury is just around the corner and today we find out via OG Tremors actor, Robert Jayne that there is a big event planned for January.

Jayne posted enthusiastically on Facebook:

“Working with NBC Universal on the Tremors film franchise anniversary documentary, so amazing how something can sustain through time. BIG event planned for January to celebrate the original film, looking forward to seeing some old friends again…”

A deep-dive doc on the first film would be a very welcome way to celebrate. Tremors has remained a favorite, fun creature feature over the years and it has spawned a franchise of films headed up by Michael Gross’ Burt Gummer, comic books and even a TV series.

The first 1990 film followed the events of Perfection, Nevada being invaded by subterranean monsters, and a small group of survivors who fought back against the creatures. The group was headed up by Valentine McKee (Kevin Bacon) and Earl Bass (Fred Ward). The Ron Underwood directed film was well received at the box office and on home video.

Sounds like 2020 will start off with a bang of Graboid based content and we are here for it.

What do you think a graboid documentary should explore? Let us know in the comments section.

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