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‘Tremors’ Reboot Series Starring Kevin Bacon in Development With SyFy

by Kelly McNeely

In an interview with Screen Daily, Kevin Bacon recently revealed that he will be starring in a rebooted Tremors pilot for the SyFy channel. Bacon is developing the show with the unstoppable Jason Blum, CEO of Blumhouse (responsible for several smashingly successful films, such as Get Out, Split, and Insidious).

The show will pick up 25 years after the events of the first film, following our favorite in-over-his-head handyman, Valentine McKee (as played by Kevin Bacon).

According to Screen Daily, Bacon originally approached Jason Blum with the idea of reviving cult comedy-horror Tremors as a feature film, but the project is now being developed as an eight-episode TV series, which Bacon will both star in and produce.

“It’s the only character I’ve ever played that I was interested in exploring 25 years later,” Bacon said. “It (Tremors) is a really good movie.”

“I don’t go back and watch my movies but because we were doing this one, I had to go back and look at it. It’s just the idea of this loser who is living a very ordinary life and has an extraordinary experience with these monsters and becomes, for a moment, a hero.”

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via Rolling Stone

We should also take into consideration the announced and upcoming Tremors 6. With a ‘”tentative” release date of January 30, 2018, this seems like a great time to bring attention back to the Graboids of old, returning to the franchise’s roots (as it were) with the return of Valentine McKee. It could also mean that Michael Gross’ character, Burt Gummer, will return for the TV series – should all go well for him in Tremors 6.

Although there were earlier talks of a Tremors series being in development with Amazon, the focus seems to have shifted to SyFy. With SyFy’s dedication to genre television, this seems like a more logical fit. And with the highly praised (and highly productive) Jason Blum assisting in the show’s development, anything seems possible.

So what do you think? Are you keyed up for the return of Valentine McKee? Or skeptical that it’ll ever worm its way up from the development stage? Tell us in the comments!

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