‘Tremors 7’ Officially Happening, Michael Gross to Return

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Horror is full of long-running franchises, some big, some small. A subset of that is the direct to video franchise, which starts off theatrically, but eventually ends up exclusively released to VHS, DVD, or Blu-Ray.

One such franchise is Tremors, which has seen all but the first film bypass theaters. In this case, Tremors wasn’t a box office success, but earned a cult following on video, so it made sense to transport the franchise there.

Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward led the original Tremors cast, but by Tremors 3, Michael Gross’ lovable survivalist Burt Gummer had taken over as the star. He’s returned for Tremors 4, 5, 6, and a short-lived Tremors TV series.

Those still loving the Tremors franchise after all these years will be thrilled to learn that earlier this week, Gross revealed via his Facebook page that Tremors 7 is officially happening, and that he’ll return to star.

For now, Gross hasn’t revealed much more about the sequel, which he says should arrive in fall 2019. It remains to be seen if Jamie Kennedy will return as Travis Welker, or if 5 and 6 director Don Michael Paul will come back.

With the recent Leprechaun Returns proving worth a watch, and the last few Chucky movies earning widespread acclaim, here’s hoping Tremors 7 keeps up the idea that a direct to video horror sequel doesn’t have to suck.

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