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‘Tremors 7’: Michael Gross Reveals Burt Gummer’s Wild New Look

by Michael Carpenter

Introduced back in 1990’s first Tremors film, former Family Ties star Michael Gross has now been playing Perfection, Nevada’s resident survivalist Burt Gummer in six different films. Production is currently under way on Tremors 7, once again starring Gross.

It’s been reported that Tremors 7 will be called Tremors: Island Fury, although that’s yet to be officially confirmed. In addition to Gross’ return as Burt, Tremors 5 and 6 director Don Michael Paul will once again helm this latest entry in the Tremors saga.

Not set to return is Jamie Kennedy, formerly of the Scream franchise, and who’s co-starred in the last two Tremors movies as Burt’s long-lost son Travis Welker. Anyway, Gross recently took to Facebook to reveal Burt Gummer’s wild new look, seen below.


It’s unclear why Burt Gummer has transformed into what many fans are calling a hobo Santa Claus, but maybe it has something to do with Travis’ absence from Tremors 7. Either way, this radical transformation suggests a new direction for the series.

The subtitle, Island Fury, may also hint at why Burt’s appearance has changed, as perhaps he’s stranded on a remote island, leaving him unable to groom. One wonders what new Graboid threat hobo Burt will face, but it’ll likely be fun to watch him do it.

Tremors 7: Michael Gross Reveals Burt Gummer's Wild New Look

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