Fellow Godzilla fan, Steven Newland created a kaiju made of pure destructive Christmas joy with his “Treezilla”

The 6-foot tall Treezilla is able to breathe smoke (via a fog machine), has eyes that burn red and of course a pretty adorable Santa hat. Newland has placed the mighty kaiju holiday tree on auction site, TradeMe for some lucky Godzilla fan to take advantage of.

Comes with a box of spare of branches and dinosaur stockings. Also note a stand is needed to hold the treezilla up (I have covered this with a xmas present so it is not noticeable)

This tree is a bit awkward to move around so would recommend a few people to help move it, I would recommend a van or enclosed trailer to transport it if driving out of town.

NOTE: This tree has been in storage for the last year and has been moved around a bit. It needs a bit of TLC but nothing that can’t be repaired in an hour or so. Also the back LED light strip power cord is missing – I have brought another one and is currently on the way.

The auction ends on the evening of Nov. 27. For more details head over HERE.

Would you want a six-foot smoke-breathing Godzilla Christmas tree in your home? Let us know in the comments section.