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I most enjoy a movie that is released and I haven’t heard anything about it, as sometimes you uncover a little hidden treasure and later notice the actors and director go onto bigger projects. Then you can flex your movie knowledge muscles in front of your film fanatic friends and say “I have followed them from the beginning, right back to their first work (Name of movie)”. Treehouse… was not one of those movies.

It’s a shame as from the outside it looked like a good movie and an original idea. But it just turned into a hillbilly killing spree toward the end and I felt robbed of my 1hr 40 mins.  They even lead you to believe that there was a supernatural/monster element with a rather well done, shadowy, moonlight silhouette with some sort of crooked creature sniffing around and making all sorts of inhumanly noises outside the treehouse the teens were hiding in. So, you can understand my disappointment when it turns out to be a bald guy with a limp.

Basically the actors did their job quite well even if it did get all cheesy and unrealistic at the end and I suppose it was quite low budget and might have done better with a bit more money in the pot. I don’t think the director will be gaining much work by having this in his portfolio and this may sound harsh but it’s a tough dog-eat-dog horror world out there guys and I don’t want my readers to feel like they have wasted their time as I did.