As I mentioned in my review of Insidious: Chapter 2 that I posted here on iHorror last week, one of the only things I didn’t quite dig about the first Insidious was the levity that was brought into the proceedings, once Dalton was sucked into ‘The Further.’  Right when the movie was reaching its apex of terror and intensity, two bumbling ghost hunters (one played by writer Leigh Whannell) and their psychic mentor Elise Rainier came into the Lambert home, bringing along with them some laughs and silliness that I found to be a bit misplaced, in what was up to that point such a serious and genuinely chilling horror film.  It’s not even that I didn’t like the characters or that I’m against humor clashing with horror, I just felt that the two didn’t quite jive, in that particular movie.

Needless to say, I wasn’t all that excited about the two ghost hunters being promoted to main characters in Insidious: Chapter 2.  Nevertheless, they actually felt like they belonged in that movie moreso than they did in the first one, given the overall sillier and more lighthearted approach of the sequel.  But I already talked about all that stuff in my review, so if you’re interested in reading along as I ramble on for far too long about that movie, feel free to go back and check that out!

Even if I wasn’t a huge fan, I was incredibly happy to see that Insidious: Chapter 2 made such a killing at the box office last weekend, pulling in over $40 million and becoming the second highest grossing September release of all time.  As in… EVER.  Naturally, it was only a matter of time before a second sequel would be given the green light, and we found out earlier this week that Insidious: Chapter 3 is indeed soon headed our way, with Leigh Whannell once again writing.  Unfortunately, James Wan will not be at the helm, as he’s moved on from horror films (for now at least) and will next be directing the big budget action flick Fast & Furious 7.  Though no plot details have been revealed, since the movie isn’t even written yet, you’ll know if you saw Chapter 2 that the third film will seemingly be focusing on an entirely new family, with ghost hunters Specs and Tucker likely being the only returning characters.

To hold us over until the budding franchise finds its way out of ‘The Further’ and back into theaters, Film District this week launched a brand new Insidious web series, a three part tale that tells the story of Specs and Tucker, before they met up with the Lambert family.  That’d make the series a prequel to both of the Insidious films, focusing on their first ever ghost hunting expedition with Elise Rainier.

I’m not sure if the footage is comprised of leftover deleted scenes or if the plan all along was to use it to form a web series, but it’s a pretty cool idea either way, one that allows us to spend some quality time with the characters we will likely be spending a whole lot more time with, in the impending third installment.  Again, though I felt the characters didn’t quite fit in with the vibe of Insidious. I dig the idea of giving them their own “Ghost Hunters” type show, which is essentially what the web series is.

So turn off all the lights in your house, crank up the volume and hit the play buttons below to check out the first two episodes of ‘Spectral Sightings.’  And if you like what you see, keep your eyes locked on Film District’s YouTube page so you don’t miss out on the third and final segment, which should be up real soon!