Turns out Yeon Sang-ho’s follow-up to Train to Busan is not a “sequel” by name. Peninsula doesn’t directly continue the same story. Instead, it takes place in the same universe.

The synopsis goes like this:

Peninsula takes place four years after the outbreak of zombies that were chasing protagonists on a train speeding south to Busan. The Korean peninsula is devastated and Jung-seok, a former soldier who has managed to escape overseas, is given a mission to go back and unexpectedly meets up with survivors.

This is similar more than a few other zombie films in the genre. Another group having to deal with the same outbreak. It’s interesting that Yeon was so keen on pointing out that it is not a “sequel.” Anyways, more of this universe is a good thing. Train to Busan broke the tedium of the zombie blueprint and shattered expectation. It’s easily one of the best things in the undead subgenre.

Peninsula is already in the post production phase and has sold to Well Go USA for stateside distribution. It is also receiving almost double the budget that Train to Busan had.

What do you guys think? Excited to revisit Yeon’s post apocalypse? Let us know in the comments section.