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Trailer Teases Remainder of My Roanoke Nightmare

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Written by John Squires

So last night was the big night. After months of teasing and speculation, it was revealed that the sixth season theme of American Horror Story is a faux Unsolved Mysteries-type show titled My Roanoke Nightmare. Inspired by the real-life lost colony of Roanoke, which you can read about over on Wikipedia, the season will center on Devil worship, dudes in pig masks and, mostly, vengeful Colonial-era spirits.

My Roanoke Nightmare follows a couple’s nightmarish descent after moving into an old home in North Carolina. Their purchase of the house seems to have awakened ancient malevolent spirits, and the spirits damn sure don’t want them to be there. Quite unlike any other season of American Horror Story, the story is presented as a faux documentary series, with one set of actors playing the real life people the events supposedly happened to and another set of actors playing actors reenacting those events.

Yea, it’s kinda confusing. But you’ll get used to it.

If the premiere left you wondering what the hell you just saw and/or wanting more, FX’s official teaser video for the remainder of American Horror Story Season 6 My Roanoke Nightmare should do the trick. As you’ll see, things are about to get much, much worse for the unfortunate couple at the center of the story, and Kathy Bates, well, she looks to be playing one of the show’s most evil villains to date.

Preview My Roanoke Nightmare below!

roanoke nightmare

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