Trailer Released for “The Midnight Man” Starring Lin Shaye and Robert Englund

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It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for a release for The Midnight Man.  I first heard about the film over a year ago when horror actress extraordinaire Lin Shaye mentioned it while I was interviewing her.  She stars in the film alongside the one and only Robert Englund, and that is something to get excited about.

I’ve known about the game that the film is based upon for much longer, however, and it’s one that I’ve never been able to convince anyone to play.  It’s a rather complicated game, you see, and there’s really no point and no winners…only survivors.  And that’s just a little too much for my friends.

During game play, you’re not allowed to leave your home; you shouldn’t stand in one spot too long, and whatever you do, you should never let your candle flame go out.  If you do, the Midnight Man will come for you and bring your most intense fears to life for the express purpose of killing you.

Sounds like a nightmare right?

This week we finally have a trailer for the long awaited film and it looks creepy as hell.

It all begins in 1956, and centers on a young set of friends who decide to play the game which of course ends very, very badly.  Flash forward to the present when another group of friends find the rules to the game and find out just how real the Midnight Man is when they reawaken the evil that still torments the survivors of the group a half century before.

Take a look at the trailer below and check back for more news as it becomes available!

Featured Image from IMDb

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