Trailer: Nazi Zombies Pilot Flying Sharks in ‘Sky Sharks’

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Horror movies, particularly ones involving sharks, have taken a turn for the seriously strange in recent years. Films like Sharktopus and Sharknado reflect just how much the cinematic depiction of sharks has changed since the days of Jaws, and things only get weirder from here.

The next film to take advantage of the great white fever that’s currently sweeping across the horror genre is perhaps the most bizarre shark movie yet, as it centers on Nazi zombies that literally ride flying sharks. It’s fittingly called Sky Sharks, and we’ve got the whacky trailer for ya today.

Set during the final months of WWII, Sky Sharks kicks off after a team of Arctic geologists accidentally uncover the remains of a secret Nazi laboratory buried beneath the ice. The aforementioned zombie shark wranglers are then set free, taking to the air with plans to bring down death and destruction on any planes unfortunate enough to cross their path.

An elite task force is assembled to combat the otherworldly threat, but is soon forced to wage aerial combat against an enemy that’s already long since met their maker.

Directed by Marc Fehse, Sky Sharks is expected to take flight soon. While we wait, check out the must-see trailer below!

[youtube id=”xilSOkluStI”]

Sky Sharks