Trailer For ‘MANDY’ Showcases Nicolas Cage, Cultists, and Chainsaws!

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The long-awaited trailer for Beyond The Black Rainbow director Panos Cosmatos’ 2nd feature, MANDY has not so much been released, but unleashed on the internet! The film stars the iconic Nicolas Cage as Red Miller, living in peaceful seclusion with his love, Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough) in the Pacific Northwest circa 1983. This peace is shattered when a maniacal religious cult led by the psychotic Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache) descends upon them, leading Red to go on a bloody rampage of revenge. Complete with forging his own personal blade and armed with a crossbow!

From this trailer alone, we see teases of the cinemadness that will be ensuing. Demonic bikers. Psychotropic animated sequences.  CHAINSAW. DUEL. This trailer could have been even shorter, and I’d still be extremely hyped! The other major highlight being Panos Cosmatos’ incredible and mindwarping cinematography and use of colors, like a hyper mix of Argento, Mann, and Barker.

Keep your chainsaws revved as MANDY is due in theaters September 14th.

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