Trailer: Killer Clown Craze Film ‘Behind the Sightings’ Debuts This October!

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Written by Patti Pauley

Stephen King’s IT, Crepitus, Clowntergeist, and now Behind the Sightings. I think it may be safe to say if you suffer from Coulrophobia- just stay away from the movie theater in 2017.



Last year’s killer clown epidemic that swept through the United States and Englund had people legitimately afraid to leave their homes as pranksters and disturbed individuals painted themselves into walking nightmares and paved the streets armed, some armed with weapons, in a sick attempt to scare the living shit out of people. While demented yes, gotta give credit- they sure as hell succeeded in inducing real fear and anxiety into the minds of citizens nationwide. Now, almost a year later a documentary/ found footage style horror film is coming based on the clown craze of 2016.

Presented by Tommy V Films, the independent film studio swiped up the rights to release this psychologically scarring thriller faster than you can utter Pennywise and has set is pointing the way for an October release this year.

Behind the Sightings comes from executive producer Tommy Vlahopoulos and director Tony H. Cadwell and is based on 112 hours of footage recovered from Todd and Jessica Smith, two filmmakers from Raleigh in North Carolina who set out to make a documentary on the clown sightings and scares of Summer 2016. However, what they discover is a lot more fucked up than any Bozo the Clown walking down the pavement yelling BOO at you.

Reported by Deadline, Tommy Vlahopoulos and Tony Cadwell, whose aim is to market Blair Witch style, had this to say about the upcoming horror film,

“Clowns have traditionally been associated with slapstick style performance, comedy or mime. But there has always been a dark side to a clown. This is not fake news. ‘Behind the Sightings’ is centered around the terrifying clown sightings that shook the world last year, and an eager couple (Todd and Jessica) swept up in all the phenomenon. This is a very newsworthy subject, especially with all the continuous clown sightings.”


In the present world of the internets, I think it may be a heavy task in convincing people this film is an actual real-time documentary. The Blair Witch Project was a one-trick pony; Fool me once, shame on you type of deal.  But hey I’m thinking, hell I’m convinced, it’s going to fool some regardless. Either way, Behind the Sightings looks to be a good one! Check out the trailer below and look for this at your local theater in October 2017.