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TRAILER: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Faces Real Terror in ‘7500’

by Timothy Rawles
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in "7500"

Fasten your seatbelts, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is taking to the skies in the new thriller 7500 hitting Amazon Prime on June 19.

The age-defying actor plays Tobias Ellis, a commercial airline pilot, “who fends off a terrorist attack 30,000 feet in the air, in real-time. There’s no distraction from the harrowing situation, no flashback or dream sequence. There is only one major storyline besides the attack: His wife, the mother of his child, is on the plane with him,” according to EW.com.

There’s a moral quandary in 7500. Gordon-Levitt compares it to something Alfred Hitchcock might make.

“One of my favorite movies is Lifeboat,” Levitt told EW. “When you can constrain the setting like that, it really reveals a lot about the human story. This is an art movie. To be perfectly honest, you know sometimes distributors of this movie will call it a thriller. And I think they’re so wrong. It’s just not that. It never was that.”

The film is directed by German filmmaker Patrick Vollrath who is most notable for his short films. One of Vollrath’s films Everything Will Be Okay was nominated for an Oscar.

The film’s description goes like this, “A pilot’s aircraft is hijacked by terrorists.”

Perhaps you can glean more from the trailer. Take a look:

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