Happy Death Day 2U
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When it was announced that there would be a sequel to Happy Death Day, we started wondering how it would follow the neatly-wrapped conclusion of the first film. The questions only got more complicated when we heard that a deceased character would return.

Collider reported back in January that the sequel will take place where the first film left off, with a concept similar to Back to the Future 2. With Blumhouse’s release of the first official trailer for Happy Death Day 2U, we finally know what that actually means.

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Writer/director Christopher Landon has raised the stakes with the sequel. Two years after the events of the first film, our heroine, Tree (Jessica Rothe), has been dragged back to that fateful Unhappy Birthday. She must now relive the whole horrible experience to not only to save herself, but to save her friends as well.

You can check out the brand new trailer from Blumhouse below. Happy Death Day 2U will hit theatres on February 14, 2019 .

iHorror at Sundance - Interview with Dan Myrick

iHorror at Sundance - Interview with Dan Myrick

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Posted by iHorror on Thursday, February 21, 2019


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