Trailer for ‘The Shining’ Sequel, ‘Doctor Sleep’ Full of Redrum All Its Own

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Redrum! Redrum! We are officially headed back to the Torrence zone. Doctor Sleep looks to have some really great things going on in its jaw dropping trailer.

Doctor Sleep follows Danny Torrence as an adult. Torrence who has become accustom to his powers is suddenly thrown into another world of terror when he meets a child with similar powers. Unfortunately, a cult known as The True Knot has sinister plans of their own for this kiddo.

Director, Mike Flanagan has proved that he is well suited for adapting Stephen King’s works with his compelling and terrifying adaptation of Gerald’s Game, and now he takes on one of King’s most popular characters. Seriously, I can’t imagine any better for the job.

With a cast that includes Ewan McGregor, Rebecca Ferguson, Jacob Tremblay and Bruce Greenwood, Doctor Sleep is high on our most anticipated bits of upcoming 2019 horror.

What do you guys think? Ready to revisit Danny Torrence and his gifts? Ready to see Flanagan adapt more King? Ready for Doctor Sleep? Let us know in the comments.
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