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Trailer For ‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Washes Ashore

by Paul Aloisio

Because no movie is getting out of this industry alive without a sequel this century, Deep Blue Sea 2 is coming. A trailer for the shark attack sequel has been unveiled thanks to IGN.

The trailer boasts it to be “Stronger, Wiser, DEADLIER”, but I’m not so sure. No, it doesn’t look like a cinematic masterpiece, so let’s not kid ourselves. But what it does look like is a whole lot of B-movie fun.

Deep Blue Sea 2 will not, unsurprisingly, be getting a theatrical release. Instead, it will be released through SyFy in July 2018. No specific date is set for the film at the time of this writing.

None of the original cast will be returning, nor will Renny Harlin (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master), who directed the first film. Darin Scott will direct in his place.

The film follows “A brilliant billionaire named Carl Durant is experimenting on bull sharks, which soon rebel to cause havoc for a group of scientists.” As it is implied in the synopsis, this isn’t going to end well for the humans in the film. Sharks just have more teeth than us!

It will be rated R for creature violence, gore, and language.

The creative executive for Warner Bros. Matt Bierman had this to say about the upcoming movie:

We (the film) are a true sequel. We wanted to keep to the spirit of Deep Blue Sea and why people love it. … Deep Blue Sea 2 has a slightly slower build but once the rubber band snaps things go boom really quickly!”

Watch the trailer below and share your thoughts on the sequel. Do we really need it? Does it look good? Will this replace Jaws as the greatest shark movie of all time?

More than likely, it’ll just be a fun, cheesy-as-hell SyFy original flick, which have a quality of their own.

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