Trailer: Bloody ‘Aquaslash’ Brings Bladed Traps Into the Water Slide

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The new movie Aquaslash is taking the slasher idea into new depths, and all we can say is why hasn’t this been done before?

Summer is almost upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and whereas sharks are the bane of people living near beaches, it looks like those further inland are getting a trap master who’s taking his anger out on water sliders.

The crew over at Bloody Disgusting debuted the trailer on Wednesday and from the looks of it, Aquaslash is ripe for a franchise.

Wet t-shirts, aqua-erotica, and a large body-sized egg slicers are highlighted in the clip as chlorine runs red and heads fly off.

Directed by Canadian filmmaker Renaud Gauthier, the plot goes as follows:

High school is over for the students of Valley Hills and they’re ending it with a huge weekend bash at Wet Valley, a reportedly haunted water park stuck in the 80’s where they can party like there’s no tomorrow. A cash prize is up for grabs in the annual “Sea Snake” competition for the fastest team to fly down the slides, but the teens are unprepared for a razor-sharp surprise as someone plots to slice up the competition.

If anything, the movie might give vacationers another reason to pause before going back into the water.

Take a look: