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Alien Puppet Horror Coming This Xmas in ‘Creatures’

by Timothy Rawles
"Creature" 2020

For those of you longing for the ’80s when practical puppets ruled the world of horror, well wax nostalgic no more. Director Tony Jopia’s Creatures takes place in modern-day but harkens back to the decade of bad hair and small mischievous creatures terrorizing humans.

The publicity even uses the trappings of classic little creature movie campaigns. From teasing only a body part of the critter on the one-sheet, to highlighting the cast’s reactions to them in a POV, Creatures is offering up prime homages to Gremlins, Ghoulies, and even The Gate.

Taglines for include: “He’s cute, furry and on the run,” to “Jingle Hell, Jingle Hell Creatures on the way.”

“It’s going to be a non-stop action, sci-fi, horror comedy packed with badass nasty aliens and one adorable little bugger that YULE definitely want for Christmas,” said Creatures director Tony Jopia.

The film also boasts a puppet creation team from Stitches and Glue the company behind, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance and Hellboy II.

The synopsis goes as follows:

“A group of astronomy students get more than they bargained for after finding an injured alien who is being targeted by a group of bloodthirsty alien CREATURES!!!”

Creatures is coming to select theatres, VOD and Blu-ray Christmas 2020.

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