New ‘Artik’ Featurette Digs in to that Beast of a Torture Chair

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We had recently shared a trailer for Artik, the upcoming film that follows a violent, volatile, comic book obsessed serial killer in his quest to find someone worthy of surviving his wrath.

One of the trailer’s elements that really stood out (for me, at least) is that homemade, ergonomic nightmare of a torture chair. After just an hour in that thing I’d need to crack my back like it’s a damn glow stick.

The newest featurette for the upcoming film focuses entirely on that metal monstrosity, giving all the in-depth details you’d need to know. Time to strap in.

Speaking with iHorror, production designer Chris Scott shed some light on Artik’s use of the (100% handmade) chair.

“It can be adjusted to fit any victim. It has an adjustable seat height, adjustable spine length and adjustable head restraint, each with pivot points allowing the victim to be positioned in multiple angles and spinal rotations.” Scott said, “Metal chain, shackles, barbed wire and straps keep Artik’s victims where he wants them”.

Director Tom Botchii explained it as “Artik’s proving ground. If you live through it, maybe there’s something special about you”.

Botchii also revealed that – after a last-minute change – production designer Chris Scott designed and physically built the chair in less than 24 hours using salvaged tractor parts and farm equipment. The end result is an absolute beast that perfectly fits with the rusted rural aesthetic.

Botchii said, “Chris Scott’s effort was already crazy impressive, and a good example of why indie films have more heart than the mainstream stuff you see everywhere. But, to do it all in a day… man, he really deserves a lot of credit. The industry deserves more production designers like him”.

Scott gave a bit more detail on the chair’s design and building process.

I sketched the first and only design sketch with a waitress’s pen on a scrap of paper while eating at Denny’s, 10:00 on a Friday night.” Scott said, “By midnight I was walking a salvage yard with a flashlight looking for parts to make the chair. Before going to sleep I had a clear picture in mind of what I was going to make. I knew exactly which parts I wanted to work with”.

Thankfully, Scott and his team had some help along the way. “Aaron Ward, the very gracious salvage yard owner was my primary assistant and a key factor in helping us get The Chair made in the manner we made it. He granted us full access to his scrap yard and metal shop where we worked late into the night with the crew.”

Artik stars indie genre favorites Chase Williamson (SiREN, John Dies at the End, The Guest), Lauren Ashley Carter (Jug Face, Darling, The Women), and Matt Mercer (Contracted, Contracted: Phase II, Beyond the Gates), with Jerry G. Angelo (Warfighter) as the titular villain.

The story centers around a family-run sunflower farm, where comic-book obsessed serial killer Artik (Jerry G. Angelo), his life partner Flin (Lauren Ashley Carter), and their family of foster kids are on the hunt for the ultimate comic-book hero. Until Holton (Chase Williamson), an Al-Anon attending straight edge, punk purist, comes between them.

You can watch the in-depth breakdown of The Chair in the featurette below, and keep a keen eye out for Artik.

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