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Toronto After Dark Review: ‘Victor Crowley’ Puts the “Laughter” in “Slaughter”

by Kelly McNeely
victor crowley

Fans of Adam Green’s Hatchet films rejoiced at the announcement that a fourth film – Victor Crowley – was not only on the way, it was already finished. Filmed in secret, it was premiered for an audience at Los Angeles’ ArcLight Hollywood theatre that gathered for a tenth anniversary screening of Hatchet. To their surprise, they were shown the brand new sequel instead.

I was able to catch a screening of Victor Crowley at this year’s Toronto After Dark, but iHorror fans can see it as part of Nightmares Film Festival on October 19th.

Full disclosure, I haven’t actually seen the first film in the Hatchet series. It’s blasphemous, I know, so keep and eye out for my Late to the Party post in November. That being said, you don’t actually need to see the original to appreciate the fourth segment in the franchise. So if you, like me, are uninitiated, don’t let that stop you from enjoying Victor Crowley. It’s ruthlessly fun and totally deserves to be seen.

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Chloe (Katie Booth, Tell Me How I Die) is an aspiring filmmaker who has her sights set on making a film about killer Crowley. Along with her boyfriend Alex (Chase Williamson, John Dies At the End) and best friend Rose (Laura Ortiz, Holliston), she treks to Honey Island Swamp to film a trailer in hopes of securing financing.

Meanwhile, survivor Andrew (Parry Shen, Hatchet III) returns to Honey Island Swamp with publicist Kathleen (Felissa Rose, Sleepaway Camp) and a television crew to film his epic return to the site of the massacre after his harrowing escape. He is extremely reluctant, but the promise of substantial compensation is enough to urge him onto the private plane headed straight back to his own private hell.

Once they arrive at the swamp, Chloe and Rose try to find the proper pronunciation of the curse that created Victor Crowley via YouTube. Naturally, Crowley (played once again by the incomparable Kane Hodder) is summoned by the power of the curse, back for one last bloody romp.

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What follows is a gloriously entertaining bonus round of slaughter. With its tongue firmly in-cheek, Victor Crowley delivers a gory, gruesome good time.

The cast are all fantastic, delivering their own caricatures to great effect. Felissa Rose as Kathleen stands out for her over-the-top performance, adding a heavy dose of comedic absurdity to all her scenes. Although no one takes it too seriously, there is a balance of heart. Tiffany Shepis as Casey (above) offers a particularly grounding effect on all the chaos.

Creative kills abound, and honestly, I haven’t had such a fun theatrical experience in a long time. The ending is hilariously abrupt and actually pretty damn perfect.

If you’re a fan of Adam Green, Hatchet, or horror comedy in general, definitely check this one out.

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