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Canadian filmmaker Torin Langen can’t wait for you to see his new short film, Offerings. The film which the director calls “an exercise in ambient horror” will receive its World Premiere at this year’s Nightmares Film Festival in Ohio with its own live music accompaniment.

The official synopsis reads:

Offerings is an expanded cinema project chronicling the rituals of a mysterious cult and the spaces they inhabit. Non-narrative and highly textured, the film functions as a distillation of folk horror imagery and expressionist filmmaking techniques. Largely inspired by underground album artwork and xeroxed gig posters, the costumed creatures found in Offerings function largely as black metal album illustrations brought to hulking, lumbering life. A visual and aural assault, Offerings seeks to hypnotize and indoctrinate its audience into its fever dream nightmarescape.”

The official poster for Offerings gives us a glimpse of the nightmarish creatures promised in its official synopsis!

Langen’s previous work, 3 Dead Trick or Treaters, also screened at Nightmares Film Festival last year. The silent film has garnered critical praise across the globe and will receive its official DVD release soon.

While there is no official word on what the live musical accompaniment for the film will involve, anyone who has seen Langen’s previous work will appreciate the importance of music in his work, and there is little doubt that it will be spectacular!

Offerings will screen alongside Livescream at 2 pm on Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 2 pm in House 1 at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio. Tickets are still available online for this year’s Nightmares Film Festival. For more information and to see the full schedule, click here!

Take a look at the trailer below!

Offerings (2018) – Teaser 1 from Torin Langen on Vimeo.