Who’s The Scariest Horror Villain?



CAST YOUR VOTE & SEE THE RESULTS SO FAR! The top 62 scariest characters in horror movies or television. There’s a talk of a film with an ultimate doll team up, Annabelle and Chucky. If somehow this were to actually happen, who do you think would win? Which one sends more chills down your spine?

Below we teamed up the top iconic horror characters to see who you think is the scariest.  Cast your vote! Tell us who you think is the scariest!


by Glenn Packard

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  1. I wish you had posted what movies the characters were from, as an avid horror fan I was surprised that I didn’t know some of the characters.

  2. I want a 3rd movie!!! Loved the collector and collection! Can’t wait for collected! How can we make this movie happen! I just watched the 2nd and I needed the 3rd to come out like yesterday!


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