Top Horror Movies of 2014 by Daniel Hegarty

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This is actually a top five movies of the year but I have respectfully included a sixth place just to give a tip of the hat to getting the movie out there even if it wasn’t my cup of tea. So without further delay, here is my top horror movies of 2014.

#6 The Babadook


Now, as you may have figured out, I am not actually a fan of this movie but it caused such a stir with its ‘open to interpretation’ story line I’ve have to include it in my top movies. Without making this article too much of a spoiler, The Babadook keeps your interest right to the end with lots of creepy as hell moments, a fantastic performance from Essie Davis an even more so from Noah Wiseman and plenty to talk about when the credits roll. Its one of those movies where the more you think about it the more you will discover about the plot and I will be definitely watching it a second time now I know the ending in an attempt to reveal more clues and try and figure out what the hell it was all about.

#5 Jessabelle


This is a typically Hollywood horror movie with plenty of budget for special effect and lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing. A new story line for a change and not a mash up of something that has already been done. Jessabelle finds some video tapes recordings of her mother doing a tarot card reading to be viewed by Jessabelle on eighteenth birthday. What starts off as a nice discovery of footage from the mother she never really knew, turns out to be a horrible uncovering of here families past. Sounds great doesn’t it!

#4 Kristy


The return of the nineties slasher movie with a new edge. Now, I know what you are thinking, but this did not make my top 5 due to the fact that I was invited to the London premier and met the director Oliver Blackburn. I am a huge fan of the slasher and this movie really brought about a new meaning to the genre. It’s extremely atmospheric and uses some fantastic camera and lighting work that shows the reflection of the killers masks and weapons perfectly. The swimming pool scene is simply scene the best I have seen in years.

#3 Housebound


This is a very odd movie bust just as enjoyable as it is bizarre. It takes you down the supernatural road for the first 30 minutes or so, then when you think you have is figured out it changes again, and again…and again.  There is a comedy undertone which only makes it better and right at the end there is some over the top bloodshed, I think this movie was made for me!

#2 Annabelle


Maybe it was the Childs Play franchise that ingrained the love of movies with creep doll into my soul, I don’t know. Buy I did enjoy Annabelle even if she didn’t have the charismatic one-liners our beloved Chucky  had/has. Combined with the fact that supernatural movies do get to me, I was jumpier then a 1990’s Sony Walkman throughout the whole film. Some of the scenes deserve an award for the originality such as the part when the little girl runs at the closing bedroom door (new underpants time). And the scene with the elevator in the basement was great work. If you haven’t seen it yet you will not no what I am going on about so get yourself a copy and check it out as it rightfully earns a number 2 in my list.

#1 Tusk


I loved everything about this off-the-wall, dark-humoured torture porn movie. It may not have been a completely original story line given that The Human Centipede had the lunatic surgeon sculpting humans into animals covered, but one thing the Centipede lacked was a sense of humour. When you decide to make a movie about a psychopathic serial killer that tuns his victims into his long lost pet walrus, you can’t expect to be taken too seriously. Tusk combines horror and comedy just right to remind you… IT’S NOT REAL! However you do find yourself asking – would death be so bad?

Well, thats it. I know a huge amount of readers will not agree with my picks, but remember this is why we all love horror. The genre takes more forms than any other category and what is one man’s shit is another man’s shilling!