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Top Five Horror Films That Need A Sequel

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Have you ever watched a horror film that happened to be a “one off” and you think to yourself, man, I really wish they made a sequel! Whether it’s to wrap up a few loose ends or just to continue on with a great story, here’s my list of five movies that have yet to be given the sequel treatment.


5. Night of the Creeps 1986

Night of the Creeps is a classic example of 80’s cinema. An alien in the 1950’s drops a vessel from its spaceship that unleashes small slugs which turn people into zombies. Cut to the 1980’s where the slugs are brought back into action by two college students trying to get into the big fraternity and the craziness that is Night of the Creeps ensues. Why no sequel though? There was word in 2009 from director Fred Dekker himself that he had a sequel in mind but nothing further emerged after his comment. I feel as though the potential is there to do a follow up many years later following the conclusion of Night of the Creeps where the slugs attack again but only time will tell.


4. Shaun of the Dead 2004

Shaun of the dead is quite possibly the best horror comedy to grace movie screens in years. I know I’ll probably get a lot of negative feedback for that but it’s my humble opinion. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost make a fantastic pair of slackers turned would be zombie killers in an attempt to survive the dead onslaught until help arrives. In about a week, The World’s End will be released which marks the end of the “Cornetto Trilogy” which also includes “Hot Fuzz”. Why not sequel though? Edgar Wright has said that he does not have much interest in continuing the story of Shaun as it would only become novelty. Although as Nick Frost once said, “Shaun of the Dead 2: Night of the Living Ed” could be a great sequel.

my bloody valentine original

3. My Bloody Valentine 1981

My Bloody Valentine was one of the more successful horror films to come out of Canada during the 80’s Slasher film craze. It did follow the formula of a slasher film especially since it was following on the heels of 2 Friday the 13th films. You have the voice of doom with the town bartender, a creative killer with the miner, and various ways of killing of teenagers and adults alike. Plus, it had an overweight man named Hollis with an epic mustache and had a girlfriend that was easily out of his league but I digress. Why no sequel though? The film ends in what I still think is a fantastic cliffhanger. I think there is more story there. Producer John Dunning who sadly passed away recently had begun making a push for a sequel once the remake in 2009 was a success at the box office but the idea never got off the ground.


2. Zombieland 2009

Zombieland is a film that I took as a response to the success of Shaun of the Dead. Since the latter film was made in London, why not show what an American zombie horror movie could be like? The performances by the main cast are solid and there’s plenty of visual gags to keep the film’s pace going. It ended with it being wide open for a sequel, the possibilities for branching story lines were endless. Why not sequel though? Director Ruben Fleischer has gone on record a few months ago to say that there is no plans in the immediate future for a sequel. The studio is interested especially with the success AMC’s The Walking Dead has been experiencing as of late but Fleischer seems to want to explore other film projects before possibly returning. **A television pilot was in fact made earlier this year for Amazon as part of a way to test out new show ideas but it was a failed attempt with none of the principal cast returning and was cancelled after the pilot premiered **


1. Behind the mask: The rise of Leslie Vernon 2006

Behind the mask: The rise of Leslie Vernon is a love letter to fans of horror as well as the Slasher genre. It had cameos by genre greats, Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, and even the late Zelda Rubinstein. It was a slasher film that created a world in which horror movie icons; Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and Freddy Krueger were all real murderers and it creates a fantastic alternate reality. The film ended on yet another cliff hanger where with a good script, you could continue the story or possibly even create a prequel. Why not sequel though? Director Scott Glosserman has been adamant about directing what would be a prequel to the film called “Before the mask: The return of Leslie Vernon”. A Kickstarter.com campaign was started last summer and ended in August as it was unsuccessful. Anchor Bay; the distribution company for Behind the mask has refused to finance a sequel so Glosserman continues to find ways to get his sequel made. That’s the way it goes in Hollyweird sometimes, some movies get made that are ripe for a sequel and just get left behind.

Those are my top five horror movies that deserve the sequel treatment. What are some of yours? Hit up the comment box below or find me on twitter and sound off!

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