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Top 7 Horror Games We Want To See On The SNES Classic Mini

by Trey Hilburn III

My friend and I were discussing how ridiculous it was that the recently discontinued NES Classic Edition was pulled from production after less than half a year on store shelves. In the short time it was available, quantity was limited, making it impossible for myself, my buddy and 98 percent of civilization to have snagged one.

It is clear Nintendo doesn’t care about our feelings and that much like being in an abusive relationship we have made an unhealthy decision to keep coming back, regardless of how we are treated. Now that we have had time to wipe our tears and come to terms with the fact that we won’t ever have a NES Classic Edition, unless we pay astronomical prices online, we sorta live on.

Well, I have some sort of good news. Today, Eurogamer reported that Nintendo has a SNES Classic Edition headed our way later this year.

Right now, this is still in the rumor phase, but this report does make a ton of sense and basically allows Nintendo to  print money and play with our nostalgic emotions once again, folks.

This got me thinking about all the really great games and times I had with my ole Super Nintendo. So, why not put up my dream list of horror games that I can hope this sucker comes pre-loaded with. It doesn’t hurt to hope, dudes!

Let’s start with Super Ghosts N Ghouls. Hey remember this one? I’m sure you do, try as you might to forget. I’m sure you still have a bald patch on the side of your head from that time your ripped out a clump of your hair, or still remember your mom grounding you for throwing a SNES controller through the TV screen. This game was fucking brutally difficult. Difficult, but awesome. I manged to finish this one as a kid and I still have eye-twitch impairment to prove it.

Who remembers the awesome top-down action-shooter, Zombies Ate My Neighbors?  I remember renting this one and playing the hell out of it, but it was returned to the video store before I had time to finish it up. Might be nice to give this one a revisit and to finally be able to finish it. It had heavy atomic monster movie age sensibilities, with a colorful palette and some tight control work. The comic bookish aesthetic was pretty cool and the addition of zombies never hurt anything.

Contra games were always amazing to me. It was as close as I could get to playing a good Alien or Predator game. In Contra III, Jimbo and Sully are thrown into a war against a ton of alien invaders, in a game that challenged the hell out you and your 2nd player bud. Contra games always had that great multiplayer action, which was fine for a while, until your friend would fall behind leaving you to have a default plummet to your death. Since Contra III was a Super Nintendo release, graphics were improved and the stakes were raised to a Michael Bay proportion, so Michael bay that it allowed you to ride on missiles, upped the firepower and gave you some pretty sick motorcycle levels.

One good Castlevania deserves another and the Super Nintendo didn’t disappoint. Super Castlevania IV put you into the boots of Simon on his quest to kill all hell out of that pesky Dracula guy. This was a pretty tough platformer but, if you had previously suffred the pains of Super Ghosts N Ghouls, you defeated this game and chuckled at its attempts of difficulty, while your eye was still twitching.

Out Of This World was seriously my sweet baby when it hit Super Nintendo. As scientist Lester Knight, and during a labrotory accident you are sent to an alien planet and forced to survive with nothing but your compatriot “Buddy,” and your puzzle solving abilities. The design of this game was really haunting, and the influence from it can be seen in a lot of contemporary popular indie games,like,  Limbo and Inside.

Square Soft was the RPG king of fuck mountain when it came to great immersive, turn-based, role playing games. Secret of Evermore was one of the greats. This one featured a boy and his dog, who are accidently transported to Evermore. Along the way, you meet a cast of characters that attempt to assist in finding you a way back home and saving their world.

I just had a moment of clarity and realized I must like torturing myself. All of my favorite games and most of the one’s on this list are really difficult games. When Super Nintendo released the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy, the durability of game controllers were tested. One Ninja Gaiden game alone was enough to bring a grown man to tears from its punishing difficulty but THREE of them?! Good lord, that was asking for self-perpetuated mental illness. When all is said and done, if you personally managed to beat all three of these games, go by yourself something nice, treat yourself, you deserve it. And you, you are kinda better than other people.

These were a few of my favorite. What do you guys think? Any we might have missed? What games would you like to see on the SNES mini?

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