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Follow These 6 YouTube Horror Excursion Vloggers to Cure Cabin Fever

by Timothy Rawles

A person’s YouTube subscription lineup is as unique as their fingerprints. So in the vein of the theme song from Diff’rent Strokes, “What might be right for you, may not be right for some…” I’m going to give you my favorites at the moment.

These YouTube vloggers have interested me because of their fascination with horror and the macabre. They record whatever it is their doing, whether it’s seeking out a famous movie location, visiting a weird roadside museum or standing on the gravesite of a Hollywood legend.

So get ready to take virtual trips with these awesome hosts who will take you to creepy places you’ll probably never visit.


The Florida based couple who host Grimmlifecollective channel must be going stir crazy being at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Jessica and Michael are always on the move visiting theme parks and other fun places. But lucky for us, they also love horror movies and often take the time to visit locations from some iconic films.

As of this writing, their recent adventure led them to the original Poltergeist house. If that weren’t enough, they went the extra mile and gave us a look at the Freeling’s house from Poltergeist II.

What’s fun about this couple is that sometimes they try to re-enact famous scenes frame-by-frame from the places they visit.

The Carpetbagger

This is becoming one of my favorite channels on YouTube. The Carpetbagger, Jacob, has such an extensive catalog of videos you couldn’t possibly get through them all unless you were bedridden.

His specialty is roadside attractions, “freak shows,” or odd museums that most people would rather pass than pay money to visit.

In some of The Carpetbagger’s earlier works, he visits abandoned houses and buildings with the enthusiasm of an intrepid investigative reporter. He likes taxidermied animals, Ripley’s Believe it or Not showcases and, of all things, the dried-up remains of a good Fiji Mermaid.

Of all the vloggers here, The Carpetbagger must be going insane right now. You can tell exploration is in his blood and that makes him a great YouTuber in this category.

His visit to the Rock-Afire warehouse where Showbiz Pizza character creator Aaron Fetcher gave him a backstage tour is one of the weirdest episodes on YouTube.

Additionally, you shouldn’t miss his visit to the Meow Wolf Museum. Incredible.

Adam the Woo: The Daily Woo

As you would expect a lot of YouTube vloggers who enjoy the same types of content crossover into each other’s channels. There is an original, and that person is Adam the Woo.

If you ask the vloggers above who inspired them to do what they do, Adam the Woo’s name would come up repeatedly.

Adam’s channel first caught my attention because he has an affinity for theme parks. I saw him touring Disneyland and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal.

As I dug deeper into his catalog of videos, it became apparent that he gathered no moss. In fact, at one point in his life, he sold everything he had, bought an RV and traveled the states making pit stops of interest along the eerie Route 66 and beyond.

Justin Scarred: Randomland

The bandwidth contained in a single cell of Justin Scarred’s brain could power an entire cellular network. As with the previous channels I’ve mentioned, Justin has a penchant for exploration with a taste for the macabre.

His videos range from touring Disney Parks all over the world to staying at the infamous Clown Motel. He takes viewers from Disney’s Mainstreet to haunted roadside relics in the middle of nowhere.

Justin also seems to have a great eye for film editing and most of his videos are cut and scored with an appreciation for the craft. Although his quick cuts seem to be extensions of his hyper style, they never disappoint.

Hollywood Graveyard

Sometimes I just want to focus on a particular forte and Hollywood Graveyard fits that bill. Arthur Dark is your narrator as he takes you, and his camera, into some of the country’s most famous final resting places.

Do you want to know where your idol is laid to rest? Arthur has you covered. From the world’s greatest celebrities to the notorious, Hollywood Graveyard is like a Hollywood star map of the afterlife.

Nukes Top 5

Although he is not a horror travel vlogger, Nuke features videos of other explorers with a paranormal twist. This anthology of “ghosts caught on camera” is probably the best out there building on this type of framework.

When he can, he provides a backstory to the clips he features after speaking with the person who submitted them. If the video is in another language he gets people to translate.

It’s this extra attention to detail that makes his channel the gold label of ghost clip anthologies. He also leaves it up to the viewer to decide on the validity of the pieces. Refreshingly this is non-partisan paranormal.

So there you have it, my six favorite YouTube obsessions at the moment. Whether they fit your taste or your queue is up to you, but they have entertained me in this age of coronavirus.

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