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Top 10 Horror Films That Should Have Funko Pops But Don’t

by Timothy Rawles

You’ll get no argument from me about the work Funko does for its fans. The company has definitely cornered the market and created quite a phenomenon of hardcore collectors. I’m a fan of (sometimes weird) classic horror films and while looking through their Pop! catalog online I discovered what I typed in the search bar rarely yielded results within its 188 pages of product. And that’s okay–they can’t make everything!

But there are some iconic movies that have yet to get a vinyl cos-play commemoration. One surprising absence from their product lineup is the original Poltergeist (I’d even take Kane from part 2!).

I’ve created a list below based on what I’d like to see. I’m sure there are more dedicated Funko collectors out there who will scoff at it my suggestions. But again my taste is a bit strange; perhaps it’s my age?

I only went through the online Pop! Vinyl catalog and searched in that department and what was available there. I also took advantage of their PopYourself app in which you can personalize your own figure with a selection of templates.

Rosemary’s Baby

One of the creepiest movies of the 60’s which may have coined the phrase psychological horror, Rosemary’s Baby. Mia Farrow as the pregnant woman who thinks she is going insane is forever embedded in the annals of horror movie history. Her pixie haircut and nightgown alone spawned a generational fashion statement. Isn’t this Pop worthy?

Mia Farrow in “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Tourist Trap: mannequins

I recently saw this classic film on a horror streaming service and what struck me is how genuinely creepy it is. [Spoiler Alert] Chuck Connors as a telekinetic maniac: part slasher, part psycho with a penchant for final girls. The creepiest things in the film were the wide-mouthed mannequin/automatons.

The killer who uses a plaster mask to invoke different personalities is one of the most unsettling movie monsters of that decade.

“Tourist Trap”

Fade to Black

Another popular and memorable slasher from the 80’s. This time the killer (Dennis Christopher of It) puts himself in Universal monster drag to carry out his crimes. His half-Dracula half-human face might be perfect for the horror connoisseur since it embodies so many sub-genres.

“Fade to Black”

Sleepaway Camp

Any person who calls themselves a horror movie fan has certainly seen this creeper that takes place at Camp Arawak where staff and campers keep getting killed but no one knows by whom until the final shocking reveal. Creepy girl Angela’s stare alone could be worth the mold, or what if they could find a way to create that final scene?!

“Sleepaway Camp”

Pet Sematary

Funko really really tries to appease everybody and for the most part, they have. But why haven’t they given this cult favorite a figurine line? I mean there is plenty to glean from this Mary Lambert film: the possessed Gage, Church the cat, Fred Gwynne, mommy’s final stand.

“Pet Sematary”



Yeah, this is a Charles Band obscurity from the mid-80’s but the poster is as iconic as they come. In fact, that poster caused quite a controversy back when it was first posted in theaters. Again Funko has a whole collection here if they chose to make one. It’s for a limited audience and that might affect the bottom line, but c’mon there’s a market for Gen Xers too!


Trilogy of Terror Zuni Fetish Warrior doll

Karen Black could land a 747 in the 70’s disaster film Airport ’75, but could she withstand being slashed to death by an ancient warrior doll? That was the premise of one of the stories in the anthology “Trilogy of Terror.” This little guy has recently made a comeback and a whole new generation has been introduced to the razor-toothed demon. It’s probably a one-off, but if anything were more perfect than making this into a Pop I have yet to see it. Maybe Funko could do a reboot using their inspired Pop! In the role.

“Trilogy of Terror”

Amityville Horror

This one might be a little harder to create only because the family is a bit milquetoast and don’t have any interesting personality traits to make an interesting figurine. But there are a few. Mr. Lutz’s transformation is certainly recognizable and what about Jody the pig, or the priest. Something!

“The Amityville Horror”

Poltergeist Clown Zelda Carol Ann

Okay, this one actually floors me. You got an iconic movie rife with memorable characters, monsters and pop culture mainstays, yet Funko has yet to tackle this as a collection. Here are just a few things they could do: The rocking chair clown, the closet ghost, Carol Ann, Tangina, Face peel investigator, both Diane and Steve Freeling.


It’s Alive

Another obscure little film with a memorable monster, It’s Alive. This time a mutant baby. But what a baby he is. This one is also a one-off but might do well as an exclusive at Hot Topic?

“It’s Alive”

These are just my suggestions and there are probably hundreds more. Funko continues to outdo themselves as far as giving us what we want and if anything the suggestions above are just a part of my ever-growing wish list. I’m sure plenty of you readers have a list of your own; if you do make a comment below.

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