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The horror genre has played host to some truly epic crossovers between iconic characters. Freddy went head to head with Jason, King Kong squared off with Godzilla, and Alien waged intergalactic war against Predator.

It turns out though that one of the most unlikely horror crossovers imaginable almost happened: Candyman vs Leprechaun. Yep, the hook-handed legend almost went to battle with a mischievous fairy half his size.

The fact that such a crossover movie nearly happened was first revealed by Candyman director Bernard Rose back in 2016, who attributed the project dying to Candyman actor Tony Todd. Now, Todd himself has weighed in.

During a recent interview with Dread Central, the beloved horror star revealed that he did indeed put the kibosh on Candyman vs Leprechaun, due to not feeling it would be appropriate. Here’s Todd’s full quote.

This was right around the time of Freddy vs Jason and [Candyman vs Leprechaun] did come across my desk. I saw it and I said, “I will never be involved in something like that.” I respect the character. Once a horror character becomes something of an icon [like Candyman], reluctantly or not, you have to treat that with respect that. I remember watching Abbott and Costello vs Frankenstein continuously as a kid and being amazed that my horror legends were making a comedy. So, I guess there are some ways to make something like that work, but I wasn’t interested in doing that with Candyman.

So, what do you fine folks think? Should Todd have been more open to doing Candyman vs Leprechaun, or did he make the right call by saying no to such a ridiculous idea?