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‘The Tommyknockers’ Remake Hires Writer Jeremy Slater

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Everything old when it comes to Stephen King is new again, at least in Hollywood. Last year, IT made the transition from TV miniseries to theatrical hit, Pet Sematary is poised to receive its second movie adaptation next year, and a new take on The Stand is in development.

A few months back, it was announced that King’s The Tommyknockers is set to receive a remake – or more accurately, a re-adaptation of the book – this time as a feature film. The 1987 novel was previously adapted into a miniseries for ABC back in 1993.

While King himself regards The Tommyknockers as one of his weakest efforts, it has its fans, and the potential for making improvements to the story is there. After all, a King spin on an alien invasion should in theory be a pretty awesome thing to check out.

'The Tommyknockers' (1993) via IMDB

Now, The Wrap reports that The Tommyknockers has hired Jeremy Slater to write the script. Slater created and produced FOX’s recent short-lived but acclaimed Exorcist TV series, and has recently revealed that he’s always dreamed of writing a King-based project.

Slater joins modern horror master James Wan on The Tommyknockers, although Wan won’t be directing, only producing. It remains to be seen what filmmaker will end up landing the job of helming this latest King movie, although the gig will likely be one that’s hard-fought for.

The Tommyknockers (1993) - Possessed People

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