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Tom Savini Created And is Selling Voorhees Face Masks

by Piper St. James
Tom Savini created Jason face mask

**iHorror cannot make medical or health claims. iHorror cannot speak on the safety measures you should take, nor on the effectiveness of these face masks. We are just sharing for aesthetic’s sake.**

Horror FX legend Tom Savini, along with make up and visual effects specialist Jason Baker have collaborated on a new project; the creation of Jason Voorhees face masks because fans have been asking for them during the pandemic we are facing.

Tom Savini created Jason face mask

Tom Savini created Jason face mask

Savini has worked on two of the Friday the 13th films, the 1980 original as well as Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984.  Baker was responsible for the visual effects on The Dark Knight Rises.  If anyone can create a fashionable and functional mask for the health and safety of others, it’s this duo!

Tom Savini created Jason face mask

Now horror fans can don the infamous hockey mask as they protect themselves, and others, from COVID-19.  The masks are being sold for $60.  However, if you want your mask autographed by the father of horror make up effects himself, Savini’s signature will grace your Voorhees mask for an additional $40.


Orders are starting to be received by excited fans, but the process is held up a bit because of the current situation.  Baker issued a statement stating;

“We’re currently running a skeleton crew for obvious health reasons and taking extra precautions.  We’re sending out shipments everyday and trying to fill orders as quickly as possible.”

For order information on these one of a kind masks contact special effects artist Jason Baker on his Twitter page here!

iHorror readers, if you order this amazing mask, please show us your pictures!

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