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Yesterday we told you that MTV is working on bringing back Celebrity Deathmatch, which is sure to be a fun slice of nostalgia for 90s kids. Right around the same time that show premiered, it was also MTV that introduced us to Tom Green, and now he’s set to make his horror movie debut.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Green will be playing a psychiatrist in Blood Lake director James Cullen Bressack’s next film Bethany, which is being described as a much more serious role for the normally whacky comedian. The film also stars A Christmas Story‘s Zack Ward, known to horror fans for his role in Freddy vs. Jason.

I’ve obviously done a lot of outrageous characters and ridiculous things in my TV show, and this is a more serious role,” said Green.

The microbudget Bethany centers on a woman named Claire (Stefanie Estes) who moves back into her childhood home with her husband, Aaron (Zack Ward). She begins reliving traumatic childhood memories — including flashbacks to tragic events involving her late mother (Shannen Doherty). Green’s psychiatrist character becomes involved with the couple’s lives.

Oddly enough, it was a chance encounter in a back alley that led to Bressack and Green working together, as they immediately hit it off and the director eventually pitched the actor on the idea of starring in a horror movie. The rest, as they say, is history.

Shall be an interesting film, to say the very least!