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Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum is a Must-See For All Horror Fans!

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Written by Patti Pauley

If the name Tom Devlin sounds familiar to you, the man of a literal thousand talents within the horror industry’s name has most likely run across your after- screen credits upon watching your favorite horror film. Special effects, makeup design, actor, producer, writer, the list goes on as Devlin has dabbled in it all from his work in numerous Full Moon movies such as the upcoming Puppet Master: Axis Termination, the Evil Bong films, and Killjoy as well serving up his makeup skills in a little film called Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield starring Kane Hodder. All of which are featured in the amazing Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum located just outside of Las Vegas in the small town of Boulder City.


Oh yeah, I took the rugrats with me.

Tom Devlin's Monster Museum

Anywho, outside the walls of the building, realistic full-size figures of icons such as Captain Spaulding line the windows ominously both inviting and exciting you for what’s lurking inside. And holy shit snacks folks, this place is a horror fan’s wet dream. Alongside the fact that a good portion of the upcoming Puppet Master: Axis Termination was filmed on the premises, the actual puppets themselves used on screen are on beautiful display popping out of the infamous trunk of Andre Toulon. Fantastic folks.

 tom devlin's monster museum

Among Blade and friends, the museum is full of other screen used props not only from the Full Moon index of horror titles such as Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong, the museum takes great lengths to offer insight on each display you come across with trivia and maybe some little-known facts to horror fans. As you enter the museum, a motorized Cryptkeeper himself greets you in his perfect ghoulish ways and you’re immediately smacked in the face with so much horror infused glory it makes your head spin faster than a possessed Linda Blair.

Full-scale models of Evil Dead Ash, the Killer Klown gang, and Michael Myers perch the floors in immaculate detail, and a really neat photo opp area that features a little John Carpenter film is available inside that I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of given my attire for the day.

Patti Pauley iHorror

Among the viral sensation full-size Ridley Scott Alien punch fountain and Leatherface’s chainsaw are some really amazing face castings that feature a few of the biggest names in the horror kingdom. The haunting impressions of legends’ such as Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi sit along the walls as you enter the heart of the museum where all that initial slap in the face horror goodness becomes an overwhelming joyous moment for any fan in the horror community.  Check out the gallery below!

Killer Klowns and Alien Punch Fountain

Life Mask of Tim Curry

Critters! Isn’t He Cute?

Slasher Awesomeness

Leatherface Chainsaw


Horror Icons Life Masks

If Tom Devlin’s passion for the genre wasn’t made clear given his extensive history in the business, this museum that is still growing and making horrifying additions to the floor is proof in the puddin’.  So if you happen to be planning a trip to Sin City or are a Vegas/ Boulder City local, you’re going to want to add this destination to your list of activities as it truly is a genre gem in the middle of the hot desert. Located at 1310 Nevada Highway, check out Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum Facebook page by clicking here to keep up to date on the horror establishment’s announcements!

Also, just to remind you again that the upcoming Puppet Master installment Axis Termination was filmed partially there, here’s the trailer to get you excited for it! Release date TBH soon, so check back with us!

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