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Tom Atkins, Star of ‘Halloween III,’ Says He’d Love a Cameo in the New Sequels

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Tom Atkins, for many, is one of the most memorable faces in 80s horror. The actor had already played a variety of roles before making his way into the genre in John Carpenter’s The Fog opposite Jamie Lee Curtis in 1980.

That film started a trend in the actor’s career and he would go on to appear in a host of genre flicks in just two years’ time including Escape from New York and Creepshow.

Then came Halloween III: Season of the Witch.

The film caused quite a stir upon its initial release. It was so totally outside what the franchise had offered fans that many panned the film outright. Despite that initial reaction, however, Halloween III has gained its own cult following and many argue that it is one of their favorites in the franchise.

Now Atkins is saying he’d love to make an appearance in one of the new sequels, Halloween Kills and Halloween Dies due out in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

“I would love to do a cameo in one of the new ones,” Atkins told “I’d jump right in that.”

When David Gordon Green’s Halloween was released in 2018 it effectively wiped the slate clean, creating a direct sequel to the first film and telling a new story imagining what might have happened to Laurie Strode (Curtis) and exploring how the trauma of one night can ripple throughout a victim’s life.

The film was filled with nods to the sequels that no longer existed in the timeline with the retcon, and you can even spot the infamous rubber Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III during one of the scenes filled with trick or treaters.

Atkins went on to say he thought that Charles Cyphers, who played Sheriff Brackett in Halloween and Halloween II, may be making an appearance in one of the next films, and that he was just waiting for the producers to call him.

With his relationship to the franchise as well as his work with Carpenter and Curtis in the  past, the actor seems like an ideal candidate for a cameo in one of Blumhouse’s sequels.

What do you think, iHorror readers? Would you like to see Tom Atkins in the new sequels? Let us know in the comments!

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