Todd McFarlane Still Plans On Making R-Rated Spawn Reboot

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Written by John Squires

Back in 1997, Todd McFarlane’s comic series made the leap to the screen in the form of Spawn, a live-action film that was a modest box office success but not all that much of a hit with critics – Roger Ebert, however, called it an “unforgettable” visual experience. A sequel was never made, and for the last several years, McFarlane has been talking about a reboot. Today brings a minor update.

During an interview with AMC’s Geeking Out, McFarlane basically said the same things he’s been saying for years now.

The simple answer is yes,” he told Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg, when they asked if a new Spawn film was still being actively developed. “It’s not going to be a continuation. It’s not going to be a sequel. Scrub the first movie… It’s going to be a dark, R-rated, scary, badass sort of script. It’s not a nice, polite PG-13…

Here’s what McFarlane said about the Spawn reboot earlier this year…

I’d put it more into horror/suspense/supernatural genre,” he told “If you take the movie The Departed meets Paranormal Activity, something like that.”

McFarlane elaborated…

In the background, there’s this thing moving around, this boogeyman. That boogeyman just happens to be something that you and I, intellectually, know is Spawn. Will he look like he did in the first movie? No. Will he have a supervillain he fights? No. He’s going to be the spectre, the ghost. He’s this thing that just whooshes in, this ghost that moves and will fuck you up if you’re in the wrong place in the wrong time, and the rest of the movie will look real, and be this real drama. He’s just this ghost, this thing behind it.”

Basically, I can make this version of the movie on a budget without crazy special effects. I want to keep it small, keep it tight, so they’ll let me direct it!

Last we heard, McFarlane penned the script and is waiting to bring it to life.