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San Diego Comic Con is – truly – a blessing on us all. It’s a golden opportunity for directors, showrunners, actors, and writers to spring forth and share tidbits of information on their respective projects. It’s a wonderful thing! This time, we’ve heard directly from Todd McFarlane himself that we’ll be getting another Spawn movie with help from Jason Blum.

On the IMDb yacht (so fancy), Kevin Smith interviewed McFarlane for a special 25th anniversary announcement. McFarlane revealed that he’s got a script ready to go for a new Spawn film with a “dark/hard R” rating. He will also – excitingly – make his feature film directorial debut on the project. Jason Blum of Blumhouse (Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Get Out) will produce.

Jason Blum has a solid track record of producing some truly great horror movies, so it’s fantastic to hear that he’ll have a hand in this project. Aggressive studio involvement can have negative effects on a film – just ask Fant4stic and Suicide Squad – but I get the sense that Blum trusts his directors to do their thing.

McFarlane wants to make it a low-budget, dark, and (my favorite descriptor) gnarly film. This is great news, considering how gritty the comics were. With more and more comic book films heading into “R-rated” territory, fans should be excited for this creator-fueled dark renaissance.

Image via Comics Alliance

They’ll start to work on the film the week after San Diego Comic Con.

Spawn was initially developed as a film in 1997 starring Michael Jai White. The comic also “spawned” (sorry) a late 90s cartoon series from HBO. There have been plans for a reboot since 2007, so we can all rejoice that it seems to be in the right hands. Gnarly.

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