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TNT Prepping a Sequel to Stephen King’s ‘Firestarter’

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While TNT has never really been known as a network that targeted horror fans, one announcement during the cable network’s upfront presentation will be of particular interest to those of us who prefer our entertainment dark.

TNT is developing a sequel series to the 1980 Stephen King novel Firestarter. It centered on Charlene “Charlie” McGee, a young girl with pyrokinetic powers. Charlie’s abilities are the result of experiments done on her parents by a shady government organization known as “The Shop”. Unfortunately, two psychically endowed people having a child leads to Charlie’s gifts often flying out of her control, and hurting those she doesn’t wish to do harm.

The bulk of the novel follows Charlie and her father Andy trying to stay one step ahead of The Shop agents that wish to use Charlie’s powers for their own ends. Firestarter was famously adapted into a 1984 theatrical film starring Drew Barrymore, David Keith, Heather Locklear, and George C. Scott as diabolical Shop assassin Rainbird.

TNT’s sequel series, entitled simply The Shop, catches up with Charlie McGee about 20 years after the end of Firestarter. She’s now living a fairly quiet life, believing The Shop to be dismantled, partially by her own hand. That is until a reformed Shop agent, Henry Talbot, tracks her down.

He explains that The Shop is not only still alive, but more dangerous than ever before, with its further experiments resulting in yet more super-powered “accidents”. Realizing that she remains the biggest threat to The Shop, Charlie and Talbot set out to recruit others like herself, in a bid to destroy the evil organization for good.

Hopefully this turns out better than Syfy’s quickly forgotten attempt at a Firestarter follow-up, Firestarter: Rekindled. If you’ve never heard of it, well, that just proves my point.

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