Titillating ‘Halloween’ Sequel Rumors Are Flying

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The rumor mill is generating some pretty powerful claims; not only will Halloween return in 2020, but the sequel will also double up with another one in the same month. Wait, there’s more: David Gordon Green is allegedly taking his place behind the lens once again.

This sounds almost too good to be true, but the folks over at Bloody Disgusting say they have an “extremely reliable” source feeding them the info, and as they also point out, the intention of the first film was to abut follow-up productions from the very beginning.

This isn’t an uncommon practice, but it is rare. Remember the Christopher Reeve Superman movie and its sequel? Those movies were done back to back as was Back to the Future II and III.

On a grander scale, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was shot at the same time over more than a year. However, we can’t remember if there was ever two new movies in a franchise that were released in the same month!

The 2018 Halloween retcon may have had fans divided but at the end of the day, the box office had the final say. The film grossed over $150M domestically, coming in under A Quiet Place as 2018’s most profitable genre showpiece.

Those numbers ensure Michael will return, and since the canon has already been messed with who knows what else this crafty production team will do to keep the franchise fresh and fandom unsuspecting?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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