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Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 8-17-21

by James Jay Edwards
Tightwad Terror Tuesday

Hey Tightwads!  It’s your favorite day of the week!  That’s right, it’s time for more free movies from Tightwad Terror Tuesday!  Let’s roll…


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 8-17-21

Alien (1979), courtesy Twentieth Century Fox.


We’re starting out this week with an absolute classic.  Alien is a futuristic movie about an interstellar towing vessel that receives a strange distress beacon.  While investigating, they bring a hostile life form aboard their craft that wants to kill every last one of them.

But you knew that.  Because Alien is a much-watch classic.  Made in 1979, it features Ridley Scott directing an all-star cast which includes Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, John Hurt, Harry Dean Stanton, Ian Holm, Yahpet Kotto, and Veronica Cartwright.  See Alien, either for the first time or once again, here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 8-17-21

Wish Upon (2017), courtesy Broad Green Pictures.

Wish Upon

Wish Upon is a 2017 movie about a girl who stumbles upon a magic box that will grant her seven wishes.  Because we’re talking about a horror movie, you can guess that the wishes don’t quite go as the girl plans.

Although Wish Upon is not a Blumhouse movie, it may as well be.  That’s the vibe it has.  It’s a fairly disposable teen horror flick – not bad, but not very memorable either.  Give it a look here at Crackle.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 8-17-21

Waxwork (1988), courtesy Vestron Pictures.


Waxwork is about a group of kids that goes to a wax museum and, of course, the exhibits come alive to terrorize them.  It’s that simple.

Sure, wax museums have been horror tropes ever since The Twilight Zone, but this 1988 gem has just enough camp to make it work.  The cast includes Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, and David Warner.  You can see Waxwork here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 8-17-21

Grace (2009), courtesy ArieScope Pictures.


Grace is a 2009 movie about a young pregnant woman who is involved in a car accident that leaves both her husband and her unborn baby dead.  Since she is so far advanced in her pregnancy, she carries the stillbirth to term, and when the baby is born, it shocks the doctors by being alive.  Of course, because it’s a horror movie, it’s not just a typical baby.

Grace is a tough watch, disturbing and unsettling, but that’s an essential part of the movie; the scares come from the difficult subject matter.  Grace stars Jordan Ladd, was directed by Paul Solet, and was produced by Adam Green.  Check it out here on TubiTV.


Life After Beth (2014), courtesy A24.

Life After Beth

Life After Beth is a 2014 horror comedy about a young girl, named Beth, who dies unexpectedly of a snakebite.  Her boyfriend is crushed, but when he tries to console her parents, he discovers that Beth has risen from the grave.  But, of course, Beth is not the same girl she as was when she was alive.

Life After Beth is more comedy than horror, but it is technically a zombie movie, so we’re going to allow it.  The cast is first-rate comedic gold, including Aubrey Plaza as Beth, John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon as her parents, and Dane DeHaan as the boyfriend.  Cheryl Hines, Paul Reiser, and Anna Kendrick also show up to get in on the fun.  Laugh with Life After Beth here at Vudu.


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Feature image courtesy Chris Fischer.


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