Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 4-21-20

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What’s happening, Tightwads? It’s time for another batch of free movies to help you stay at home. And here they are…


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 4-21-20

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014), courtesy Terror Films.

The Taking of Deborah Logan

The Taking of Deborah Logan is about an elderly woman, of course named Deborah Logan, who is struggling with Alzheimer’s.  She agrees to let a film crew interview her for a documentary, but what they capture is much more than simple senility.

This faux-documentary creep fest was one of iHorror’s collective favorite movies of 2014.  Jill Larson turns in a chilling performance in the lead role, breathing horrifying life in the Adam Robitel/Gavin Heffernan script.  This is a movie that you really should have seen by now, so if you haven’t, or if you just want to see it again, you can find it here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 4-21-20

Halloween: Resurrection (2002), courtesy Dimension Films.

Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween: Resurrection is, of course, about the continuing misadventures of notorious serial killer Michael Myers.  Michael returns home, only to find the home occupied by the crew of a reality show that challenges its contestants to stay a night in the infamous murder house.  And things predictably go sideways.

Made in 2002, Halloween: Resurrection is one of the later sequels in the Halloween franchise, post-Thorn trilogy, but pre-retcon.  It’s completely flawed, but it embraces more of the fun aspects of the slasher movie stereotypes.  It’s also a scathing meta-commentary on the state of reality television in the early 21st century.  Oh, and it stars Busta Rhymes, Tyra Banks, and Katee Sackhoff.  Jamie Lee Curtis also shows up for a second in an attempt to add legitimacy to the movie.  Check out Halloween: Resurrection here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 4-21-20

Lost in Space (1998), courtesy New Line Cinema.

Lost in Space

Lost in Space is a big-budget 1998 cinematic adaptation of the sixties sci-fi television series.  The concept is the same; the Robinson family blasts into space to save humanity, but winds up getting hopelessly lost.  In space.

This science fiction epic is a standard nineties action adventure flick.  Slick and entertaining, but ultimately disposable.  The cast is terrific, with the Robinson family played by William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham, Lacey Chabert, and Jack Johnson, with Matt LeBlanc as tagalong astronaut Don West and Gary Oldman as stowaway mad scientist Dr. Smith.  Catch Lost in Space here at IMDB TV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 4-21-20

The Signal (2007), courtesy Magnet Releasing.

The Signal

Not to be confused with the William Eubank joint from 2014, The Signal is a 2007 movie about a mysterious transmission that seeps into every television, radio, and cellular phone.  The signal turns those affected into brutal killers.

Told in three distinct parts from three different points of view, The Signal is kind of like an anthology movie, but not really.  It’s a coherent narrative in a singular world.  The filmmaking collective of David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry, and Dan Bush are behind the cameras on this one.  Receive The Signal here at Crackle.


Black Death (2010), courtesy Magnet Releasing.

Black Death

Black Death tales place in 1300s England during the outbreak of the Bubonic Plague.  A monk is asked to lead an expedition of mercenary knights to a small remote village that has reportedly been bringing victims back from the dead.  What is going on in the village is even scarier than the re-animated corpses.

This 2010 movie is Game of Thrones with a Satanic zombie vibe.  Even the casting has a GoT connection, with Sean Bean playing the leader of the knights and Carice van Houten showing up as the village alchemist.  Eddie Redmayne is also in there as the monk.  Have a peep at Black Death here at Popcornflix.


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