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Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 3-30-21

by James Jay Edwards
Tightwad Terror Tuesday

Hey Tightwads!  It’s Tuesday again, and that means free movies from Tightwad Terror Tuesday and iHorror!  So let’s do this…


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 3-30-21

Ginger Snaps (2000), courtesy Cinema Village Features.

Ginger Snaps

Coming out of the “cool” era of teen horror movies in 2001, Ginger Snaps tells the tale of two sisters, outcasts at their high school, who are attacked by a mysterious beast.  One of the girls is bitten and becomes a werewolf, giving her the confidence and ability to stand up to her bullies.

As far as wolf-man movies go, Ginger Snaps is a fun little modernization of the trope, and has become somewhat of a modern classic because of its hip vibe.  Convincing performances from Katharine Isabelle as the werewolf sister and Emily Perkins as the non-werewolf sister are at the heart of this one.  For lycanthrope fans, Ginger Snaps is essential viewing, and it can be caught here at Crackle.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 3-30-21

31 (2016), courtesy Saban Films.


Rob Zombie’s 31 is about a group of carnival workers that is abducted and dumped in an industrial compound.  They are then forced to participate in a deadly game of cat and mouse, with the prize being their ultimate survival.

In typical Rob Zombie fashion, 31 is a triumph of style over substance.  It looks and sounds great, but the story is lacking in originality.  Also in typical Rob Zombie fashion, 31 stars Sheri Moon Zombie along with the usual suspects of horror lore like Malcolm McDowell and Meg Foster.  This 2016 schlockfest is for Rob Zombie completists only, but if that’s you, you can find 31 here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 3-30-21

Housebound (2014), courtesy Alameda Entertainment.


Housebound is a 2014 spookfest about a young woman who is forced to move back into her childhood home with her mother when she is placed on house arrest.  Her mother believes the house is haunted, and after a few strange encounters, the daughter starts to think that maybe her mother is right.

Housebound is, at its root, a haunted house movie, but it becomes so much more than that as it goes on.  It’s as funny as it is scary, and the twists and turns will keep even the most cynical of horror fans guessing.  Check out Housebound here, also at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 3-30-21

Cruel Jaws (1995), courtesy Severin Films.

Cruel Jaws

Cruel Jaws is a 1995 movie about a killer shark that terrorizes a beach town just before their annual Regatta.  The townspeople band together to try and kill it before it kills their economy.  Sound familiar?

The plot of Cruel Jaws is not the movie’s draw.  The really interesting thing is that director Bruno Mattei (using the pseudonym William Snyder) ripped off footage from a bunch of other shark movies to make his, including the Jaws series.  Jaws author Peter Benchley even wound up with a screenwriting credit.  Yeah, it’s a cheap rip-off, but Cruel Jaws is a must-see.  See it here at Vudu.


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1978), courtesy NAI Enteetainment Releasing.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

There are cult films, and then there are Cult Films.  Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is definitely a capital letters Cult Film.  The title of the 1978 classic pretty much says it all; it’s about a bunch of killer tomatoes that wreak havoc on the human race.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is the epitome of a low budget B-movie, with horrible acting, questionable editing, and a script that makes it seem like it doesn’t have one.  It does have a lot going for it, though; it’s full of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker style wordplay humor, loaded with pop culture jokes, and has some awesome musical numbers.  The production gets bonus points for actually destroying a helicopter – yeah, real-life destroyed, and it’s all on camera.  If you’re in the mood for some real fun, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is waiting for you here, also at Vudu.


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Feature image courtesy Chris Fischer.


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