Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-31-19

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Hey Tightwads!  Happy (almost) New Year!  Be safe with whatever you have planned, and if you have nothing planned yet, maybe these free movies can help you figure something out…


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-31-19

The Void (2016), courtesy Screen Media Films.

The Void

The Void is about a police officer who happens upon a badly wounded man wandering around in the middle of the night.  He takes him to a hospital, but soon enough, the building is surrounded by mysterious hooded figures.  Yet staying inside the hospital may prove even more deadly than getting out.

This creative little spook flick was one of the surprise sleeper hits of 2016.  It’s part cult flick, part siege movie, all wrapped up in a neat little gateway to hell package.  Check out The Void here at Popcornflix.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-31-19

Before I Go to Sleep (2014), courtesy Freestyle Releasing.

Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep is a 2014 movie about a woman who suffers from selective amnesia; she doesn’t remember anything that happened to her in the last twenty years.  Every morning, she relies on her husband to fill her in on her past.  At her doctor’s urging (and reminding), she begins to keep a video diary in an effort to remember more, which leads her to distrust everything around her.

It’s not exactly Memento, but Before I Go to Sleep is a thrilling little memory loss mystery.  Nicole Kidman stars in the lead role, Colin Firth plays her husband, and Mark Strong is her doctor.  Have a look – if you can remember – at Before I Go to Sleep right here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-31-19

The Wailing (2016), courtesy Well Go USA Entertainment.

The Wailing

The Wailing is about a detective who travels to a remote village in South Korea to investigate a series of strange deaths.  His investigation leads him to a mysterious stranger who is believed to be using a demon to curse people, causing them to fall ill and die.  The stakes are raised when he learns that his daughter may be next on the list.

This 2016 flick is South Korean horror at its finest.  At over two and a half hours, The Wailing runs a little long in the tooth, but the surprising twists keep it fresh and intriguing.  Catch The Wailing here, also at TubiTV.


Ghost Warrior (1984), courtesy Empire Pictures.

Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior is about a 400-year-old samurai who is discovered frozen by a anthropologists and shipped to Los Angeles to be studied.  Of course, he is accidentally defrosted and comes back to life.  He’s disoriented, confused…and angry.  And he takes that anger out on everyone in his way.

Made in 1984, Ghost Warrior is more action sci-fi than traditional horror, and the titular Ghost Warrior is not really a ghost.  But it’s an entertaining watch, full of fighting and death.  Watch Ghost Warrior here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-31-19

Dragonslayer (1981), courtesy Paramount Pictures.


Dragonslayer is about a king who has made a pact with a dragon – the dragon will leave the kingdom alone in exchange for virgin sacrifices offered by the king.  When the king’s own daughter’s number comes up to be sacrificed, the king calls upon an old wizard and his young apprentice to, uh, slay the dragon.

This 1981 movie is also not quite horror, it’s more of a fantasy action adventure flick.  But it does have a dragon, and is a good gateway creature feature.  So grab the kids and relive your own childhood with Dragonslayer right here at IMDB TV.


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