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Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-29-20

by James Jay Edwards

Well, Tightwads.  You’ve almost made it through the longest year in history.  Let’s get you some free movies to get you over the hump into what will hopefully be a better 2021.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-29-20

Sleepaway Camp (1983), courtesy United Film Distribution Company (UFDC).

Sleepaway Camp

In 1980, Friday the 13th created its own subgenre of horror – the summer camp slasher.  One of the most memorable entries into this subgenre is 1983’s Sleepaway Camp.  It’s about a summer camp that is being terrorized by a bloodthirsty killer.  That’s it.  Actually, no.  There’s so much more.

It’s a typical killer-on-the-loose-at-summer-camp movie, but there’s a huge twist involving the identity of the killer.  That twist results in a final scene – a final shot, really – that is nothing short of legendary.  This one is a classic, but be warned; once you see the ending, you can’t unsee it.  If you’re okay with that, go here to Popcornflix and catch Sleepaway Camp.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-29-20

Prom Night (1980), courtesy AVCO Embassy Pictures.

Prom Night

And speaking of 1980…Prom Night is the classic 1980 slasher about a killer who stalks a senior prom in order to gain revenge on the students for a deed that was committed years earlier.  This time, that IS it.

For the most part, Prom Night is as typical as an eighties horror flick is going to get, but it does have a few things going for it; it stars Jamie Lee Curtis (who was already a bona-fide scream queen by then), it was directed by Paul Lynch (who went on to work on both the “Darkroom” and “The Twilight Zone” television shows), and it features some awesome disco-dancing (because, in Canada in 1980, no one told them that it wasn’t cool anymore).  Prom Night has spawned a couple of sequels and a remake, but you can check out the original right here on Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-29-20

Inhuman Resources (2012), courtesy Green Light Productions.

Inhuman Resources

Inhuman Resources is about six people who are held captive by an escaped serial killer.  Each captive had some role in the killer’s conviction, and he “employs” them to help prove his innocence, with any insubordination amongst them resulting in punishment.

Made in 2012, Inhuman Resources is a fine example of a modern low budget horror movie; it is slick and well made, with an interesting premise and a handful of almost-but-not-quite recognizable stars, unless you count a cameo from Tom Savini (who also did the makeup effects, because of course he did).  You can find Inhuman Resources here at Crackle.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 12-29-20

I, Frankenstein (2014), courtesy Lionsgate.

I, Frankenstein

I, Frankenstein is a 2014 movie about Frankenstein’s creation, named Adam, who is saved from a gang of demons by a gang of gargoyles.  He finds himself stuck in the middle of a war between the two factions that lasts for centuries.

Let’s be real; I, Frankenstein is bad.  But it’s the kind of bad that is ultimately fun.  One has to wonder how the script attracted a cast with names like Aaron Eckhart, Yvonnie Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Jai Courtney, and Bill Nighy, though.  Anyway, you can see I, Frankenstein here at TubiTV.


Mohawk (2017), courtesy Dark Sky Films.


On December 26th, Jon Huber passed away.  Known to most as Brodie Lee in the WWE, Huber was also in the 2017 horror movie Mohawk.  Set during the War of 1812, Mohawk is about a young Mohawk woman whose tribe is being slaughtered by New Americans.  When one of the woman’s lovers burns an American encampment, a squad of soldiers comes for revenge.

Mohawk is carried by the powerhouse performance of Kaniehtiio Horn as the young Mohawk woman.  Huber plays one of the vengeful soldiers, and he plays it well enough for fans to be sad about all the movies he won’t get to make.  Rest in Power, Jon Huber.  Send him off properly by watching Mohawk here at TubiTV.


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Feature image courtesy Chris Fischer.


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