Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-26-19

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Hey Tightwads!  Ready for some turkey?  Well, you won’t find them here…just quality free movies from the internet.  Check this out…


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-26-19

The Wraith (1986), courtesy New Century Vista Film Company.

The Wraith

The Wraith is about a gang of drag racers that terrorizes a desert community.  When they kill a young man, a mysterious entity shows up and methodically comes after the members of the gang one by one, taking revenge in brutal ways.

This 1986 action/romance/horror flick is a great gateway horror movie for the younger fans.  Charlie Sheen plays the titular mysterious wraith, Sherilyn Fenn plays the dead boy’s grieving girlfriend, and Nick Cassavetes plays the tough guy leader of the gang.  Randy Quaid and Clint Howard also pop in for some fun.  Catch up with The Wraith here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-26-19

Temple (2017), courtesy Screen Media Films.


Temple is a 2017 movie about a group of American adventure seekers that goes on a quest to find a mysterious temple in the jungles of Japan.  They find the temple…and also more ghostly trouble than they can handle.

I know that sounds like the plot of The Ruins, but it’s not really.  Temple was written by Simon Barrett, but not directed by Adam Wingard (it was directed by cinematographer Michael Barrett).  Check out Temple here at Crackle.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-26-19

The Stranger Game (2006), courtesy Lifetime Television.

The Stranger Game

The Stranger Game is about a working mother who decides that she needs help raising her young son.  So, she hires a male nanny to assist her.  Unfortunately, she hires the wrong male nanny, one who is bent on destroying her family.

This 2006 movie is a Lifetime Network Original, and its tameness combined with its melodramatic overtones reflect that fact.  Not for those who like their horror packed with gore, but anyone who appreciates the subtleties of television movies will love it.  Have a look at The Strangers Game here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-26-19

Pitchfork (2016), courtesy Uncork’d Entertainment.


Pitchfork is a 2016 movie about a young man who takes a group of his friends from New York back to his family’s farm in the country for a weekend getaway.  Once there, they find themselves being stalked by a relentless entity known as Pitchfork (so it’s not just a clever name).

Pitchfork is one of those modern slasher movies that manages to not rely on retro antics to be effective.  In the interest of full disclosure, Pitchfork was directed by iHorror’s own Glenn Douglas Packard.  If modern slashers are your thing, you can find Pitchfork right here at Vudu.


The Shape of Things to Come (1979), courtesy Film Ventures International (FVI).

The Shape of Things to Come

The Shape of Things to Come is set in a future where the Earth has become uninhabitable.  So, man has set up colonies on the moon.  An alien madman decides he wants to take over and rule the moon, and it’s up to a scientist, his son, and his son’s friend (and their robot dog) to thwart the plan.

This 1979 sci-fi thriller was based on a novel by master storyteller H.G. Wells.  Jack Palance stands out as the lunatic antagonist.  Find out The Shape of Things to Come right here at TubiTV.


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