Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-12-19

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Hey Tightwads! Are you ready for another batch of free movies?  I hope you said “yes,” because here they come!


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-12-19

Starry Eyes (2014), courtesy Dark Sky Films.

Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes is about a young starlet who has dreams of being the next big thing in Hollywood.  She gets a break, but it turns out to be her introduction into the horrifying world of the Hollywood elite.

One of the underseen sleepers of 2014, Starry Eyes is a cult movie wrapped in a love letter to modern Hollyweird.  It also introduced the horror world to Alex Essoe.  Pat Healy and Maria Olsen star as well.  Check out Starry Eyes here at TubiTV.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-12-19

Nightwatch (1997), courtesy Dimension Films.


Nightwatch is about a law student who takes a job as a night watchman in a morgue to make ends meet.  As the victims of a serial killer start turning up, the student finds that all of the clues seem to point to him being the murderer.

NIghtwatch is a 1997 remake of a 1994 Danish film, both directed by Ole Bornedal.  Ewan McGregor has the lead, and the support cast includes Nick Nolte, Josh Brolin, Patricia Arquette, and Brad Dourif.  Keep watch over Nightwatch here at Vudu.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-12-19

Scare Campaign (2016), courtesy Studio71.

Scare Campaign

Scare Campaign is an Australian movie about a reality TV show that sets up locations to scare its contestants.  When the pressures of competition from a newer, more extreme show arise, the producers decide to raise the stakes…but how far will they go?

This 2016 variation on the found footage flick is clever and fun.  And scary in its own way.  No big names, no Hollywood hype, just a fun little fright flick.  Play through Scare Campaign here at Crackle.


Tightwad Terror Tuesday – Free Movies for 11-12-19

Lycan (2017), courtesy MVD Entertainment Group.


Lycan is about a group of students that has a unique assignment to rediscover a moment in history.  They decide to do their project on a local werewolf legend and head out into the woods.  What could possibly go wrong?

This 2017 spook-a-blast is another fun variation on the found footage motif.  Not exactly a classic, but it’s got some of the makings of one, mainly the kids in the woods and a werewolf legend.  Catch Lycan here at Vudu.


The Man Who Laughs (1928), courtesy Universal Pictures.

The Man Who Laughs

With Joker continuing to light up the box office, it’s time we take a look at the inspiration for the character.  The Man Who Laughs is about a man who was disfigured as a boy by a king who had a surgeon carve a permanent smile on his face.  He lives his life as the headliner in a freak show, but when it is discovered that he is the rightful heir to a fortune, the dregs come out of the woodwork.

This 1928 silent movie had an obvious influence on the famous ear-to-ear grin of the Joker.  The Man Who Laughs was directed by the legendary Paul Leni, with the title role being played by the equally legendary Conrad Veidt.  Have a look at The Man Who Laughs (with Spanish subtitles even) here at YouTube.


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