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Did you spend all your money while you were having fun over the Labor Day weekend?  Don’t fret…iHorror would never let you go without your horror movies.  Here’s another list of quality movies that you can watch for free.



After the successes of Hellraiser and Nightbreed, Clive Barker’s writings had become the hottest properties in the horror world.  The next adaptation of one of his works, in 1992, was Candyman.  Based on Barker’s short story “The Forbidden” and directed by Bernard Rose, Candyman is the story of a grad student whose research into a Bloody Mary-type urban legend reveals more than she can handle – the legend appears to be true, and the conjured Candyman comes after her.  Candyman stars Tony Todd in his signature role as the Candyman, and Virginia Madsen as the researcher who summons him.  Check out this must-see movie here on Crackle.


I Am A Ghost

I Am A Ghost is an artsy experimental film that centers around a spirit named Emily who is destined to haunt her old home for eternity.  She is contacted by a medium who wants to help her move on, but there are other beings in the house with Emily, and they’re not as easy to work with.  I Am A Ghost is a repetitive film, particularly in the early stages as Emily’s character and situation is being established, but it’s a short (75 minute) watch, and the last fifteen horrifying minutes are more than worth the hour it takes to get there.  Check out this little 2012 supernatural thriller here on Hulu.


Night Train to Terror

This weird little movie has quite a story behind it.  Night Train to Terror is a 1985 anthology film that puts God and Satan together on a doomed train arguing over which of them is going to get the souls of the different passengers.  The anthology segments, dealing with body thieves, death-obsessed lunatics, and Satanic-demon fighters, are all edited together from previous underperforming or unfinished feature films from writer Philip Yordan.  The concept is interesting, but the execution is a little rough – the segments don’t edit down as seamlessly as you’d think they would, so the film has a very Ed Wood vibe to it.  Be aware, it’s totally eighties, and it’s pretty campy at times.  It’s still a lot of fun, and it can be seen here at Snagfilms.



One of the most memorable films of the Ozploitation craze of the seventies and eighties, Patrick is a surprisingly frightening film, considering the title character is a bedridden vegetable.  A new nurse is assigned to Patrick, and the comatose patient becomes smitten with her.  He communicates through telekinesis, typing messages to her on a typewriter, but it soon becomes clear that Patrick’s obsession is a dangerous one.  Patrick was remade just this year, but you can see the original 1978 creepy classic here at


A Bucket of Blood

A Bucket of Blood stars the inimitable Dick Miller as a busboy at an art café who longs to be a respected and admired artist.  When he accidentally kills his landlady’s cat, he hides the body in plaster – and the cat is mistaken for a genius work of art.  As his audience grows, the wannabe artist has to come up with new victims for his gruesome projects.  A Bucket of Blood was directed in 1959 by none other than Roger Corman, but its absence of monsters and aliens makes it one of his most straight-forward films.  Nevertheless, the concept lends itself very well to Corman’s low-budget mentality.  A Bucket of Blood serves up as many laughs as it does scares, and it can be watched here on Hulu.